Day: September 19, 2019

Keeping Chemical Plants Safe

Chemical processing safety is critical to not only the employees at the chemical plant but those in surrounding areas. Thankfully, there are safeguards in place to ensure the proper storage and handling of chemicals in factory settings. Not all of the safety steps have to do with chemicals. There is a lot that management and the executive team can do to keep procedures low-risk.

Solid Leadership

A well-run chemical plant needs reliable leadership at every level. From supervisors on the factory floor, all the way to ownership and executive leaders at the corporate office, strong leadership that is fully invested in the plant’s success is key to keeping everyone safe and compliant. Continuing education and updating policies and procedures will ensure that all members of leadership are on the same page and working toward the same goal: a safe chemical plant environment.

Stable Workforce

Keeping employees for the long-term means that they will know and understand the plant’s way of doing business. Constant turnover can be a challenge for training and continuity purposes. It can also cause a lack of trust on the factory floor. Employees like knowing they are working alongside a seasoned veteran. That doesn’t mean you can’t hire new staff. Working in new trainees is part of the employee cycle, but new workers should work with experienced employees as mentors until they are confident with their responsibilities.

Effective Equipment

Nothing affects safety and productivity more than faulty equipment. Chemical plants need regular inspections by trained engineers who can identify an issue with a liquiflo gear pump or a failing heat exchanger. It also helps if the maintenance team use preventative measures when caring for equipment. This can lessen downtime and help avoid major, costly replacements.

Chemical processing makes up one of the largest sectors of the world’s industrial landscape. Because of this, it is crucial that plants are run as safely with as few errors and missteps as possible.…