3 Signs Your Well Has a Serious Problem

Water is the elixir of life, and when you, your home, and yard are depending on your well to supply that water, there can be a serious challenge when your well has problems. If you are trying to troubleshoot the issues that come up, you may find yourself in a complicated underground maze of diagnoses. To make it easier to understand the signals your system is sending out, here are three signs your well has a serious problem.

Sputtering Water

When you turn your water facet on and it spits air and water out, there is air in the system, and that is not good. Air can get into the lines through a crack in a tube or through a broken pump. Before you think about replacing a well pump Tampa FL, check with a specialty team to find out which problem it is.

Smelly Water

If you have an old well, chances are the supply lines used were metal, and they have corroded. There are times that a well can become contaminated with silt, decaying materials, or bacteria, but that is less common. If the problem is rust in your water, it can taste awful and be annoying, but not often dangerous. Have a qualified technician test your water to be sure.

No Water

If nothing comes out of your facet when you turn it on, there is a problem. It could be a circuit breaker, a low water table, or a broken pump. If it is the circuit breaker, it is an easy fix as you snap the circuit back together. If it is a low water table, you may have to wait a few days or weeks for the water table to rise again – or make your well go deeper into the water. If it is the pump, you will need to replace or repair it.

If you have a well, you are sure to have one or two problems, so having a certified technician you can call helps when you do. Make sure to have your water tested every year or two for safety’s sake.

3 Signs Your Well Has a Serious Problem