Building a House

You want to get a new house and have weighed the options available to you. You have decided to build a new one instead of purchasing a previously owned one so that you will have all the options that you want. Here are the steps that it will take to build your new home.

Scoping the Territory

Before you break ground on the land that you purchased, you will need to have a property survey pinellas county fl. A surveyor will take measurements of the lot to determine the boundaries and where the best place to break ground will be. Once the construction company has this information, they will clear the area of any vegetation or garbage lying around that might impede construction.

Breaking Ground

Once everything has been marked out, the heavy machinery will come in to break the ground and dig out the foundation of the house. Initial plumbing and electrical is installed between the street and the home. Forms are erected that will be the basement walls. A cement truck is brought in to pour the concrete into the forms and then the walls are allowed to set. Once everything is dried, the forms are taken away for construction to begin.

Setting It Up

The next step in construction is to put up the frame and roof. The bare bones of the walls, floor and roof are constructed on the foundation with windows and doors roughed in. Once the house is secure from the elements, the plumbers and electricians return to run pipes and wires within the structure before the walls go up. Insulation is tucked in between the studs and in the roof then covered with boards and drywall. The actual windows and doors are installed as the floors and walls are finished inside. Siding is added to the outside and the roof is shingled to protect the building from the elements.

Building a House