Cold Comfort: 3 Maintenance Tips for Winter Peace of Mind

Winter is often called the season of introspection. Snowfalls are beautiful but profoundly quiet, days are short, and abundant time is spent at the hearthside, perhaps gazing into a crackling fire. However, as romantic as winter can be, practical measures are needed to prevent structural damage and keep business and life moving despite snow and ice. Here are three areas where regular maintenance is needed during the cold season.

1. Grounds Upkeep

Whether at your residence or business, large drifts of snow hamper movement and make life more difficult. For icy sidewalks and driveways, you can choose chemical de-icers, which can damage concrete and are not environmentally friendly, or turn to more natural options such as kitty litter, sand, sawdust, and wood shavings. To deal with big snowdrifts, especially on large areas or in multiple locations, consider hiring professionals for snow removal western canada.

2. Roof Checks

Ice and snow can quickly build up on roofs. If left unchecked, heavy mounds of snow and ice can endanger a roof’s structural reliability. Many commercial buildings have flat roofs, which are especially prone to destruction from piled-up snow and ice. However, slanted roofs also must be checked to insure shingles are whole, vents are not blocked, and waterproof seals are intact. Perform weekly checks throughout the snowy season.

3. Lost Power

During heavy winter storms, you could lose power. This means you are cold and your pipes could freeze. At home, food in refrigerators could spoil and at a commercial facility, you might have ruined merchandise. Should frozen pipes burst, you would also have that damage to clean up and repair. Be prepared with a reliable generator you know how to use.

Building maintenance is a year-round, constant process, but it takes on even more importance in cold weather. Ice and snow must be managed, and buildings should be kept warm and inspected to avoid serious damage. By taking proactive steps, you can rest easy during winter and enjoy the pleasures of the season.

Cold Comfort: 3 Maintenance Tips for Winter Peace of Mind