Electric air compressor: A brief overview on why are they so popular

Electric air compressor is among the most powerful and widely used air compressors. It serves to convert power from an electronically-charged motor to kinetic energy by pressurizing the air which is then released to operate the equipment.

Electric air compressor is used to pump air in order to fill gas cylinders, to help in powering HVAC control systems, to supply divers, and also in order to power pneumatic tools

Everything you must know about electric air compressors:

  • They are used both in industries and for household application. In homes, electric air compressor can be used for inflating tires, balloons, blow leaves or dirt from your floor, etc.
  • A light duty electric air compressor is perfectly suited for households. However, if you intend to use the electric air compressor for industrial use, you might want a heavy-duty machine.
  • They can be used on construction site or for powering household Equipments like hammers, nails, saws, etc.
  • An electric air compressor has the potential to save more power than a diesel driven air compressor.
  • Moreover, electricity tends to be much cheaper than diesel or any other power resource.
  • Electric air compressor eliminates the risk of fuel spills and leakage which might occur in diesel driven air compressors.
  • Electric air compressor minimises the risk of exposure to vapours and strong odour. Moreover, it emits no carbon.
  • Electric air compressor is easily portable when compared to a diesel operated compressor as diesel needs to be frequently refilled after running out.
  • Electric air compressor makes lesser noise while operating than a diesel powered electric compressor.

What you should look for in electric air compressors?

  • Manufacturers rate electric air compressors based on their air capacity and horsepower.
  • Additionally, warranty, motor quality, durability are a few other factors which are also taken into account when it comes to electric air compressors.
  • Reliability is an important factor which comes into play while purchasing an electric air compressor. A number of operations in household units and industries depend on reliable air compressors.
  • It is advisable to invest in a more expensive electric air compressor. This is because the costlier compressors tend to have better quality parts. This ensures that your electric air compressor does not break, corrode, or rust.
  • It is important to remember that electric air compressors should not be used in hot outdoor temperatures. Moreover, choose an electric air compressor that has a good airflow capacity.

Electric air compressor is most widely used in all sectors today. With the advancement in science and technology, people choose to work with air compressors rather than depend on any other source to get their work done. Their usability, energy efficiency, flexibility and comparative cost-effectiveness make it a go-to machine for everyone. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes, depending on your needs.

Electric air compressor: A brief overview on why are they so popular