How Rubber Is Utilized in The Manufacturing

When it comes to rubber there are two primary types on the market, and they are natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is also called latex rubber and it is derived from plants. Synthetic rubber is artificial rubber that is derived in a chemical plant or laboratory. Rubber gloves and synthetic gloves have many similarities. The main difference between the two rubbers is the way they are made. When it comes to commercial usage of the synthetic rubber gloves there are certain brands that are used the most and they are styrene butadiene,polyacrylics,and polyvinyl acetate. There is at least 200 rubber producing plants globally and over 99 percent of the rubber made in the world is made from latex. Latex comes from a tree called the Hevea brasiliensis tree.

How to Make Rubber

The first step to rubber making is called rubber tapping. Rubber tapping is the process of gathering latex from rubber trees. The latex from the tree is dripped out and then collected into a container. The way the fluid is collected is through a made V cut into the tree bark. Once the latex is collected from the latex tree it is then filtered and washed. After it is filtered and washed it is then tested to make sure the rubber coagulates. The next process is the rubber is pressed into slabs and then dried. The next step in the rubber making process is mastication. This process is used to make raw rubber softer, stickier, and easier to work with. After the mastication process the rubber has to be mixed with extra chemicals to improve on the rubber properties. Then the rubber gets run through rollers to get its shape. The final step of the rubber making process is called vulcanizing and this is when the rubber is heated in an autoclave to create the final product.

The Products Manufactured By Rubber

There are a few different options available when it comes to any type of custom manufactured rubber products, the four most common rubber making processes are extrusion, latex dipping, molding, and calendaring. The extrusion manufacturing process allows for high volumes of products to be produced at a lower cost. The tubes of products that are most commonly produced using the extrusion manufacturing process are cords, gaskets, and tubing. The advantage of latex dipping is that it allows the rubber to be manipulated into different shapes. The latex dipping products that are produced are balloons, bladders, rubber gloves, tubing, and grips. When it comes to molding there are three different manufacturing processes and they are manufacturing, compression, and injection. The most common products that are made from the molding process are seals, O-rings, silicone wristbands, and electrical insulators. Rubber is used to create a lot of different products for a lot of different industries.

Rubber is used to create a lot of different products for a lot of different industries. Rubber is made from a tree and undergoes a huge transformation process because it comes out in the form of a liquid. That liquid then goes through a huge transformation process to become actual rubber.

How Rubber Is Utilized in The Manufacturing