How to Start Your Own Small Business

Any successful business begins with a solid framework. Anyone can have a great idea but it takes planning and work to execute that idea in a structured and organized way. Here are three steps you should take when you are trying to start a new small business.

Analyze Your Idea

It’s easy to get so caught up in your idea that you need a dose of reality. Think about what your company will do and ask yourself what problem it will solve. How many people will have that particular problem? This will directly translate into your market share. It will be different for every company. If you want to open a cafe, you have a large market because everyone needs to eat. However, if you decide you want to open a printing shop you will need to zero in on the people who need custom printing, think wedding and event planners and marketing companies. It is critical to identify your audience and to analyze their needs and how you can meet them.

Write a Business Plan

This might feel tedious, but it is something you need to have when you apply for a business license or business financing. It shows the licensing body and/or bank that you have thought through your business goals and have a clear plan for success. It is also very helpful to have as you map out your to-do list. Luckily, there are countless resources online for writing a business plan. There are free templates that you can use. Just be sure to personalize the information to your specific business.

Secure a Location and Equipment

Once you have the steps laid out and your plan is in motion, it is the time to figure out where to set up shop. If you have specific equipment needs you’ll want to make sure you have financing in place to purchase or lease what you need. Back to our original example, if you open a cafe you will need cooking equipment and tables and chairs for your guests. A printing shop will need large, and expensive graphics equipment from a store like Remember to start slow and expand as business grows. Don’t bury yourself in debt before you know how your idea is going to pan out.

How to Start Your Own Small Business