The Inner Workings Of A Steam Boiler

A steam boiler can be labeled as a low content water boiler. The steam boiler is usually made out of a spire coil of water tube. A steam boiler is also known as a steam generator and they are mostly used in commercial and industrial settings. The purpose of the steam boiler is to heat water until it is vaporized and this is done for many different purposes. The steam boilers come in a variety of different sizes and designs. Some steam boilers are small and portable others are big and need to be assembled at the location that they are going to be used. There are steam boilers that are fueled by coal, oil, or gas.

The Two Most Common Designs of Steam Boilers

There are two popular designs of steam boilers that are used the most when one is the Stone Vapor and this design is well known and one of the more popular designs. The second most popular design is called the Clayton. The Stone Vapor and the Clayton both are very similar but the difference between the two is that the Clayton’s burners  and flow direction are reversed. The Stone Vapor and the Clayton are very efficient steam boilers and they can both operate under positive pressure and have the strength to endure the pressure that the steam may generate. These are two very quality steam boilers and this is why they are the two most popular. There are a few different types of steam boilers. There is the water tube boiler, Benson boiler, and the superheated steam boilers.

The Water Tube Boiler

The way that the water tube boiler works is that hot gas heats the water as it circulates through the tubes. The hot gas is created by fuel that is burning inside of the water tube boiler furnace. A water tube boiler can hold up to 4,500 to 120,000 kilograms of steam per hour. Water tube boilers are also known as steam generating units.

The Benson Boiler

The Benson boiler is a very unique steam boiler because it is used to produce electricity. Another unique aspect of the Benson boiler is that boiling does not really occur with this particular type of steam boiler. The steam that is generated from this particular boiler actually works as an energy creating turbine. This boiler operates at an extremely high pressure that is above 3200 psi and there is also no water steam separation that occurs when using this specific boiler.

The Superheated Steam Boilers

The superheated steam boiler produces steam at a much higher temperature than other steam boilers. It is called the superheated steam boiler because the boiler vaporizers the water and then heats the steam in an actual super heater. This type of boiler is also known for providing the best overall efficiency when it comes to steam generation. When using the superheated steam boiler individuals must be very careful because there is a risk of injury if the steam escapes the system because of the extremely high temperatures. If the steam comes in contact with a human it can cause death.

The Inner Workings Of A Steam Boiler