Three Reasons To Use a Medical Timeline for Legal Claims

Making a record of your own healthcare is a great way to keep track of your symptoms and pinpoint treatments that either worked or did not. With an easy-to-read map of your health and treatment history, you can better inform doctors and increase your chances of getting accurate diagnoses. In the event of an accident and a legal case, these records become even more important.

1. Ask the Right Questions

One of the benefits that easiest to recognize is the increased care you’ll experience when you have a completed medical timeline. You’ll have complete information at your fingertips, so you can ask the right questions about your care. When it becomes necessary to turn these records over to a lawyer, the same is true. A medical timeline template is a tool that helps you complete this information in an organized manner accepted in legal settings.

2. Clarify Relevant Facts

Were you taking medications at the time of the accident? What were they? Do you have allergies to your medications? Have you been seen by a doctor for your symptoms before the accident? The insurance company and court representatives may have these and other questions. With a documented medical history, these individuals can easily verify your answers. Your legal representative can use the record to substantiate claims and give credence to your position.

3. Share Your Health History

A long habit of making positive health decisions, such as quitting smoking or exercising regularly, can be displayed on your medical timeline. Your positive health history can be used to show that your actions weren’t responsible for an accident. You should also include family history in this record.

When insurance companies or other parties don’t want to compensate you for injuries you’ve sustained in an accident, a medical timeline can become crucial evidence during a trial or other legal proceeding. If you haven’t already created your own medical history, your attorney may recommend filling in a timeline template.

Three Reasons To Use a Medical Timeline for Legal Claims