Tips for Owning a Car Wash

Owning a car wash can be a fun and lucrative enterprise. To ensure that it goes off without a hitch and doesn’t cause you additional stress, planning its operation from every possible angle should be your priority. It’s all about the flow!

Systems Flow

There are many different kinds of systems that work together within a car wash. It’s a good idea to find a reliable car wash maintenance company to integrate and maintain them as a group, rather than worry about them one at a time. These systems include the water tanks and dispensers, lighting, alarms, fuel systems and inventory management. Not to mention the most important in the eyes of a savvy business owner, the point of sales system.

Traffic Flow

You’d like to imagine your car wash with a steady stream of customers, right? To ensure this outcome, you should make sure all of your customers can easily navigate your compound, even while it is at capacity. This means planning out the flow of traffic so that the exit cannot be blocked by a long line, there is enough room to form a line, the entrance is easily accessible from the main road and outgoing traffic is not met by obstacles such as a left turn onto a four-lane highway.

Water Flow

One of the most abundant materials at a car wash is water, whether it is sudsy or not. To improve cost-effectiveness you should consider a water reclamation procedure, to save on water costs and keep the compound looking clean. You will also want to prevent used water from forming pools in the wash itself or in the path of vehicles. Flooding your lot is not safe for your customers, neighbors or the environment.

The key to a successful car wash is facilitating the smooth and efficient flow of customers through your facility. To keep it operating both constantly and safely, plan for a high volume of traffic and water. Now go boogie down at your very own car wash!

Tips for Owning a Car Wash