Understanding the Different Types of Abrasion Testing

There are different types of abrasion testing that many people are not aware of. This testing is required for items that will be used in residential and commercial areas. There are some guidelines that are set forth by the Association for Contract Textiles and they need to follow ACT Performance Abrasion Guidelines.

ACT Guidelines

There are guidelines that need to be tested. The fabric will be tested by rubbing it against the surface of another item and how it reacts to contact with other fabrics. This will create friction and it may be dangerous. There are some other things that the fabric is tested for. It is tested for flammability, both wet and dry crocking, the ways the colors react to light and if they will fade, the physical properties of the material.

Reasons Testing is Important

The abrasion testing is done to ensure that the finished project is defect free and that its performance will be consistent. They may also have this testing to ensure the fabric will hold up through its lifecycle. The wear resistant of the material is examined. The tests are being conducted in the same manner so that there is a standard help with all of the products. The testing is developed to represent real-life conditions to make sure the results are reputable.

Testing Methods

There are different testing methods that can be used to determine performance.

Two Body Abrasive Wear

This test is used when hard particles are forced against a hard surface and then they are moved.

Sliding Wear

This happens when two bodies are moved against each other and then moved in a sliding motion.

Mar Abrasion

This will help remove any deformations that are on the coating and check and see if there is anything that has become disfigured. This is also looking for anything that may change the appearance of the final product.

Rolling Abrasion

This is also known as three-way wear. In this case, particles are allowed to roll between the surface of the product and the substance so that a person can check for damage.

When purchasing it is important to know what type of test is used to determine the durability of the product. One of the most popular methods is the Model 5135 Rotary Abraser and the Linear Abraser. There are attachments that are also available for these different models so that a company can get the most reliable results possible.

Materials to be Tests

There are different materials that this test can do. The materials are used in many different industries. Fabrics are commonly tested as well as carpets. Floor coverings, luggage, safety gloves, and synthetic turf are often tested to make sure they are strong. Textile fabrics need to be durable so they are tested as well. There are many different methods that can be used to test out this material so it is important to speak to the testing professionals to make sure the test will be accurate and the data will be useful. The test should also be used for the specific material that is being tested to make sure it has a fair chance of passing this test.

This testing can help determine if a product is reliable and it will stand up to the test of time and wear. These tests will help a customer and a company that sells the item to determine the quality so they can make an informed purchase decision.

Understanding the Different Types of Abrasion Testing