What Is Nondestructive Testing Used For?

Most people understand that before certain things that are considered load bearing can be used, sold commercially, or mass-produced for the public, there are tests required to prove safety. While there are a variety of tests that can be done, many industries prefer to use nondestructive testing. This means that the system or component is not likely to be damaged by the testing. What are some systems or units that may undergo this type of procedure? Lets explore some very different units that may have similar kinds of testing.

Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle was not designed as a one and done spacecraft. Instead, it was designed so that it could be reused multiple times. However, many components needed to be tested between flights. With the expense of the shuttle, it was important that the testing prove the worthiness of each component without destroying or damaging the shuttle. After the fateful flight of the Columbia occurred, more nondestructive testing was called for on the other shuttles.

Sewer Systems

Even though your home’s sewer system is much closer to you than the Space Shuttle, you may not realize that a proof pressure test may be done on the line between the property line and your home. Leaking pipes can cause problems, so it is important that this occurs with new construction or after a line has been prepared. It should be nondestructive, but if the line is faulty, some damage may occur.

Many different manufacturing industries utilize NDT to ensure standards are being met. This can save money and help promote safety, particularly if a failed part could pose a hazard to people or property.

No matter what industry you work in, you may find it valuable to learn more about testing procedures. Those that usually do not result in damage to the part being tested are considered nondestructive tests.

What Is Nondestructive Testing Used For?